The only way to get rich

Dear Investor Challenge,

I’d like to get rich, how do I do that?


I.M. Gettingby


Einstein apparently said this

Well this is a pleasant change Mr Gettingby. The last guy to write in was trying to lose money. Tough nut to crack that one is. What you want is soooo much easier to achieve. Well yes, of course I can help. It’s really simple in fact. Here’s the only way to get rich in one sentence: Continue reading

How to lose money in the stock market.

Dear Investor Challenge,

Could you help me? My net worth is far too high and I feel like a pack animal dragging my huge wallet around. I need to lighten the load and lose some capital. I don’t really like going to the casino, it’s far too noisy, and if I buy stuff it’ll just clutter up my house. What I’d like to do is get my total worth down using the stock market. I realise this will be very difficult, so at least help me make less than the market average. Do you have any advice?


Born Winner.

How to lose on the market Continue reading

Some highlights after 6 weeks in the Investor Challenge

Investment growthIt looks like everyone is enjoying the competition. In May we reached the 300 competitors mark. Not bad for something that’s only been running for 6 weeks. I’ve created a new page to show some statistics as you can see here. Up to now, the most purchased share in Rand terms has been Coronation with over R9m purchased. Next up is the worlds second largest brewer, SAB with over R6.5m and in third Capitec with R5.5m.

You can also see which shares have gained the most in value since first purchase. Aside from the penny shares, the largest gains in regularly traded shares are Richemont gaining 25.5%, Arcelor Mittal at 22.5%, and then CML and Naspers, both at 21.8%. Note that CML has paid a dividend which counts in it’s favour. Continue reading

Ready to go tomorrow (22 April) with a number of new features

Well the testing went well. I’ve received some really great feedback, with some users really going the extra mile, and for this I thank you. This Monday is the official launch.

A lot of new features have already been implemented. The biggest, and toughest challenge I had coding-wise was the inclusion of dividends (well partially, only final dividends)! Happily they’re now added to your cash on had within a week of being paid in reality. Other changes are mostly to the look and feel of the site, plus some usability improvements. Thanks to Aragon you can no longer buy half a share, and a frequent suggestion on allow others to view portfolios has been enabled as an option.

Fortunately I now have permission from the JSE to use the 15 minute delayed share prices from their site, the next big favour I have to ask if for all of you to share this page with your friends on facebook, twitter and google plus. There are links on both the top and bottom of this page to help you do that.

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