Month two

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Another R100 000 has been deposited into your account!

Month two, done and dusted. The market bounced back from a brief correction, and now we have 147 out of 236 competitors showing profit. Qriffin re-entered after some testing and soared up the charts to the number two spot before being overtaken by Sparkz0629. With no possibility for insider trading or performing impossible trades, it has left me wondering why he isn’t a professional trader… Leading by a fairly big margin is Sparkz0629 only holding Anglogold Ashanti. I wonder if he’ll keep backing them again this month.

Shorting shares

Shorting shares, a wild ride

The battle for the bottom is currently being won by GAZ who backed the JD group with his R200k. Sadly they’re down 22% since he bought. Perhaps we should have a contest in a contest, see who can get to the bottom, without wasting money of fees of course. The real traders out there know you can make money by picking losers just as much as you can by picking winners. They call this shorting, which is basically lending a share from someone else, selling it, waiting for the price to drop and then buying it back and giving it back to the original owner. Sounds weird, but if you could do it well you’d be a very very rich man. Ironically picking a loser is just as hard as picking a winner, ask all the people who have been shorting Tesla shares for the past while!

OK enough reading now, you have the cash, it’s time to put it to good use. Will you buy more, or will you sell what you have because there’s a big crash coming?

All the best with your investments,

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