And the 2013 Investor Challenge winner is…

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Left to right: AMT, qriffin and DGrobbs

Left to right: AMT, qriffin and DGrobbs

It’s been a very interesting first year, with the leader-board shuffling around at a far greater rate than I would have guessed. JaDEB performed some real acrobatics to move from the very bottom of the table to the very top with some brave purchasing of Sibanye gold, eventually settling in 14th place. SaiyanZ found a way to ‘beat’ the game by purchasing only 1c shares ensuring he couldn’t lose any money, and if they went to 2c he would double his net worth. Of course in reality this isn’t possible, and a disclaimer was added to his holdings page after a number of people new to trading asked me if they should do this in real life!

Looking at how some of the shares performed this year, we can see one stand-out loser. African Bank Investments Limited put out some shocking results and lost over 56% of it’s value since April this year. It was also the 6th most purchased share in the game, with nearly R8.7 million bought during the year. The 5 favourites for the year were Sasol at R8.77m, the maker of SA’s favourite drinks, SAB at R10.6m, Satrix-indi featured well at R11.7m, Naspers came in second with R14.3m and a spectacular growth of 72.38%, and to top the popularity log, Coronation Fund Managers with over R24 million purchased and a very respectable 56% growth since April.

The satrix indi was the top performing ETF we kept track of, ending on a very respectable 51st place. It beat 87% of competitors, reminding us all that if you can’t beat the index, buy the index! For comparison, the Satrix 40 came in at 122nd place, and beat 70% of competitors.

For the group contest, we have the adventure riding bikers from the Wild dog cartel in 5th with an average worth of R1,302,843.16, the tech geeks from MyBroadband came in 4th with an average of R1,311,904.41. Re: New Topic (and yes I checked, that’s the name they wanted, just wish I’d have gotten the explanation!) came in third at R1,318,334.90. Hogan grads had only a single member, HappyOne, so even though he shows schizophrenic tendencies, he really shouldn’t be here. with that, we have the top performing group from the VW club SA at an average of R1,384,590.79. So fire the investment adviser, and instead ask the guy in who cut you off in the GTi for some advice!

Now on to the individual leaderboard.

In 5th place we have Jaymeb, who surprisingly only made one purchase in April, R400k worth of Telkom shares, and then disappeared for the rest of the year. Perhaps he really owned a pile of Telkom and went into early retirement somewhere far from any internet connection!

In 4th we have Frikkie with a mixed bag of gains, some in penny shares, but also good gains in Richemont, Coronation, MTN and Telkom.

3rd belonged to DGrobbs who only picked winning shares, particularly EOH holdings, one of the shares of the year with a 66.8% gain during the competition.

In 2nd place we have AMT, who put his cash into Sephaku holdings, Mr Price and an outstanding small cap performer, Finbond group limited.

And that brings us to our champion. The guru of gains, seer of shares and prophet of profits is the well deserved qriffin! All of qriffin’s shares showed gains, but it was the company first backed, Finbond group, with the initial R400k purchase that propelled him to the number 1 spot. Not only was he the top competitor, he also gets the prize for the top forum post of the year which you can see here.

Put down your coffee first so it doesn’t end up on your keyboard like mine did…

Congrats qriffin, if you are in fact an investment club chairman please send the joining details!

Well that’s that for the year. The competition will be back on the 6th of January 2014 with a new competition. The goal is still the same, invest R100k per month on behalf of your investment club. Unlike last year however you’ll be able to sell shares, with tax taken in to account.

Please post comments in the forum here.

Have a peaceful new year, and a prosperous 2014.

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